About Us

Our parent company, Jaymoving Concepts, has been offering top-of-the-line art services since 2004. What was once a university-day hobby back in OAU, Ile Ife has turned into passion.The business started with handmade and printed Greeting Cards and was registered in 2010. Today, HandFinish is ready to bring a new and a higher level of card customization for individuals, businesses, etc through online and local store services here in Lagos, Nigeria. We create one-of-a-kind paper products that helps our customers to make a statement when they use them. From Invites, Greeting cards, Marketing Cards and their accessories. If you're looking for something different and special, Hand Finish is the right option and this means you've the option of working directly with our designers without leaving your office or home. We provide samples (on request) to deal with the problem of quality and materials when you’re viewing our stationery through your web devices.

Invitation Cards

Whether you’re looking to announce your wedding date, host a dinner, birthday party, or share the arrival of your new baby, we produce a variety of customized invites and stationery products for every occasion. These are invitations made from a clients own design, a catalogue of customized designs or an adjustment of an existing design. We can create your own brand for your event and can even carry it throughout with all of your other accessories like programs, table cards, gift bags etc. Custom invitations and stationery may not be right for everyone, but for many especially the Hand Finish Stationery; it is the choice that can assure you that your event is one not to be missed.

Greetings Cards

We specialize in creating greeting cards which are unique, creative and memorable - from Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulation, Graduation, Thank you, and other paper gifts. Each of our handmade greeting cards and products offers a different attention-grabbing display and on opening, they are fun to receive and pleasure to watch. Whether you are celebrating a friend, a boss, or a relative one thing is for sure, these cards will stand out in the heart of the recipients.

Marketing Cards

Handfinish Marketing cards offers a variety of paper engineering print solutions for businesses and they bring tremendous direct marketing responses. We specialize in all paper engineering techniques and products including pull outs, dissolving pictures, wheels, pop up cards and much more. They are unique, creative, outside-the-box, effective, memorable and result orientated. We are passionate about paper and love to create and deliver experiences that surprise and delight our clients All our products are made of paper, designed, printed and hand finished here in Lagos, Nigeria. Our designs cut across for clients in almost every industry - from Health, Automobiles, Advertisement, Government, Banking, IT to Education etc.